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What is the Equity Scoreboard?

The Equity Scoreboard is a website where data from major construction projects is presented in a clear, easily accessible, and understandable format.  The same data is collected from each project so that the same measurement can be compared across different projects.

Why do we share this information?

The ability to compare contract award amounts and hours worked by race/ethnicity, gender, craft, job level, region of residence, and pay rate for publicly funded construction projects allows for rapid and comprehensive assessment of the degrees to which diversity-related goals are being met, and evaluation of the relative progress towards equitable distribution of work and wages made from one project to another.  

We believe that access to these metrics in clear, well labeled, and easy to understand figures at regular intervals in a project’s timeline will be helpful to the residents of Multnomah County and will encourage public engagement and understanding of public works.

We encourage our public representatives and regulatory offices to evaluate the options and constraints that are placed on the contract bidding processes, the recruitment, hiring, and retention of workforces, and the budgetary processes that either encourage or hamper the ability to meet the goals to provide specific inclusion for People of Color and women in our communities. 

Finally, we support efforts by state and local offices to work together to build a coherent process for evaluating past compliance on workforce and contracting goals, particularly as it applies to awarding future contracts.

How do we gather and analyze the data?

We submit requests for data from the governing bodies overseeing each project.  We then analyze the data using a consistent strategy for each project.  We use a scoring rubric to assign an equity score in each of three areas:

  1. to which companies are contract dollars being awarded, 
  2. how are the hours of work being distributed among the workforce on each project, and
  3. what are the workers on each project earning ?

To see more about our rubric see our rubric page (here).

To read more about our data analysis methods, see (here).

Where can I find out more about equity in contracting and workforce development?

(Link to a page with further reading (the scoreboard article from the Oregonian, the PSU report, etc..)